Or how the apotheosis of sight and rationality has rendered art obsolete
Or, reading Albert Camus' The Plague during COVID, climate change, and various political crises
And, on just about everything else, including politics and journalism
Or, the banality of goodness
Or, the origins of Albert Camus’ theory of the novel
Or, how criticism of the media informed the writing of The Plague
Or, how working as a journalist influenced Camus’ development as an intellectual and writer
And the underlying influence of technology in the spread of nihilism and abstraction
Or, how the play The Misunderstanding (1944) was a rehearsal for The Plague (1947)
Or, the influence of Brice Parain’s philosophy of expression on Albert Camus
Or, how Albert Camus’ novel implicates us all
Or, how Camus’ ecological imagination resists nihilism and ideology